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            About us

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            Lianyungang Hengfei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang Hengfei) was established in the year 2005, located in Guannan, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The geographical position is superior, as it is on the East of the Yellow Sea and with water surrounded from three sides. Our factory covers an area of 53000 m2 and a construction area of 24000 m2. Up to now, we have 7 production workshops in use and we are able to operate 15 chemical reaction systems, such as Hydrogenation, oxidation, bromination and amidation, Grignard, etc.

            Lianyungang Hengfei who is thirsty for talents has gathered numerous outstanding elites in the field of chemistry and pharmacy. In addition, we cooperates with a number of universities and laboratories for research and development of novel projects and products, in order to enhancing the technique of our products and maintain the core competitiveness of our company. Over years, we have accumulated customers from Asia, Europe, America, South America, etc. and we have been approved to be preferred supplier by a number of world’s top 500 pharmaceutical companies.

            With respect to management, our company passed ISO 9001, ISO14001, and BS OHSAS 18001. We operate the production process strictly according to GMP standard, and we are working on obtaining GMP certificate of Finasteride.

            Our company is committed to our value concept “fair, integrity, altruism and win-win benefit” and our principle "market oriented, quality survival", in order to continue providing our customers with the best products and service. Work together for our mutual-development.